Vivid Studio Insider for December 6, 2013



VIVID OFFER TO ROSEANNE BARR MAKES GREAT HEADLINEVivid's Steven Hirsch was one the job immediately after Roseanne Barr announced in "a Twitter tirade" that she might abandon traditional show business and start making "geriatric porn." Reporter Tim Keneally with The Wrap got the story first, alerting readers with the headline: "Cheer Up, Roseanne Barr; Vivid Would LOVE to Do Geriatric Porn With You!" The Wrap said Roseanne "may have found a bawdy ally" in her quest and could soon be "joining the fleshy ranks of Vivid Girls such as Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone and Hanna Hilton. The popular website reported that Steven "told TheWrap that he'd be wide-open to helping Barr achieve celebrity GILF status. ‘We would love to work with her," Hirsch said. "She's an iconic comedian who changed the world of television.' Barr, 61, signaled her interest in joining the XXX circuit during a Twitter tirade over the weekend, during which she lashed out at the television industry, claiming that she had been alienated from the development of her new television show and that the project's show-runner had ‘disappeared' for seven weeks and ignored her." The Wrap story, and Steven's letter to Barr, quickly went viral, with coverage onThe Gossip Jacker, Yahoo Entertainment, IMDb News, Newzbots, One News Page and many more. In his letter to Roseanne, Steven said: "We were surprised and delighted to hear about this and would welcome an opportunity to talk to you further about it. We know that we would all have fun working with you and that the finished product would not only be a landmark production but a best-selling one as well."

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STEVEN HIRSCH ON REELZ -- Vivid's Steven Hirsch was featured on a Reelz Channel program on celebrity sex tapes. He walked the audience through the process of obtaining the often scandal-ridden tapes, and some of the consequences, both bad and good. For example, Steven said, Vivid's Kim Kardashian Super Star tape is frequently credited with helping make her the star she is today.

BRANDY'S OFFER TO ROB FORD GETS RADIO ATTENTIONBrandy Aniston's offer during her Vivid Radio show, "In With Aniston," to make a movie with the embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford is staying in the news. After TMZ picked up on her offer and ran a story that quickly became an unstoppable news sensation, Brandy has made numerous radio appearances to discuss her show and her offer. Brandy says of Ford: "He's kinda cute, in a big, teddy bear kind of way." Vivid Radio is hear 24/7 on SiriusXM Channel 102.

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