Vivid Studio Insider for November 29, 2013


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ROB FORD OFFERED VIVID FILM ROLEBrandy Aniston said on her Vivid Radio show this week that she'd love to make a movie with the embattled mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. TMZ picked up on her comment and ran a story that quickly became an unstoppable news sensation. The headline: "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford -- Coming In A Sex Tape Near You." TMZ reported: "We've learned Vivid Radio is making an offer to Ford to star in his very own sex video. Vivid star Brandy Aniston says she came up with the idea ... and wants to co-star in the flick because she thinks "He's kinda cute, in a big, teddy bear kind of way." TMZ had a follow-up story that reported on a parody tape making the rounds, with TMZ editor Harvey Levin commenting, "If the mayor of Toronto did a porn tape, I'd watch that... but only if he used his actual junk, and not a stunt wiener like in the parody." The Rob Ford/Brandy/Vivid story was picked up by leading Canadian newspaper the Toronto Sun and station NewsTalk1010, where Brandy told interviewer Jim Richards, "He's like a big teddy bear. Who couldn't think he is cute?" Hundreds of other media carried the story, including The Hollywood Gossip, the Daily Caller, Guyism, Shalom Life, numerous Twitter retweats and the wonderfully named Lunatic Outpost.

VIVID RELEASES JAMES DEEN'S SQUATTER -- James Deen's comedy Squatter has been released and is now available online and in stores nationwide. Deen wrote, directed and stars in the irrepressible comedy and tells fans, "If you have as much fun watching it as we did making it, then we have done our job." The idea for the movie came about when Deen and friends were joking about someone showing up at a house and refusing to leave after unloading so much stuff it would be hard for the authorities to discern if he was a tenant or not. In Squatter Tommy, played by Tommy Pistol and James, played by Deen, are former college roommates who haven't seen each other in years. Tommy shows up on James' doorstep, duffle bag in tow, after splitting up with his wife. James and his live-in girlfriend Remy, played by Remy La Croix, were having a great life and enjoying their home, but that changes quickly when Tommy becomes everyone's worst nightmare: the friend who just won't leave.

Ask a Slut

VIVID RADIO'S ASH ON 'ASK A SLUT' – The popular "Ask a Slut" feature on the website CollegeCandy needed an answer to the following question: "I'm a girl who watches porn. I know that isn't exactly shocking, as many people, both male and female, enjoy kicking back with some dirty videos. My thing is, however, that I really only enjoy watching lesbian porn. Does this make me a lesbian or bisexual? Is there something wrong with me?" For the answer, "Ask a Slut" turned to an expert, commenting: "Vivid Video is probably the best know adult company in the world, and they just launched Vivid Radio on SiriusXM. The network has an exciting slate of sex workers on board–including Ash Hollywood ("Tap That Ash"). Anyway, Ash is handling the mic every Monday from 6pm -7pm PST, and you'll never guess what she's going to be discussing! Okay, you guessed. It's her 'all-time favorite topic' of sex. We have to believe Ash, too, because she was already a busy mainstream model before heading into the adult biz. We can't think of a more qualified lady to hand this column over to now... " (BTW, for her answer Ash said, "No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and your sexual preference is up to you! There is nothing more beautiful than the female form, and what would be better than two of them together!")

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