Vivid Studio Insider for November 1, 2013

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VIVID'S TORI SPELLING OFFER GOES VIRALVivid's Steven Hirsch made a "substantial offer" to Tori Spelling this week to buy the sex tape the actress mentions in her new book. TMZ got wind of the proposal and posted an exclusive story under the headline: "Tori Spelling -- Porn King Gunning for Sex Tape ... It Could Be Worth Millions." The staff-written TMZ article began: "If Farrah Abraham's sex tape was huge, Tori Spelling's could be titanic -- at least according to Vivid President Steve Hirsch, who's already prepared to offer big money to acquire the footage that Tori claims exists. Hirsch just fired off a letter to Spelling, saying Vivid would like to make a "substantial offer" on the tape, presuming it's actually real (possibly in the millions)." The TMZ article was immediately picked up by gossip and celebrity news sites around the world, including the Los Angeles Times, The London Daily Mail, Sydney Herald, e-Online,,, Fox News, and, which had the great headline: "Tori Spelling Gets A Ca$h Money Offer To Release Her Now NoTORIous Sex Tape" Hilton wrote: "Vivid has made the first offer for Tori Spelling's alleged sex tape in a deal that could be worth MILLIONS." TMZ reported, "It's unclear if Tori plans to take Hirsch up on his offer, but she might want to consider it -- Tori has also recently said that she and ex-husband Dean McDermott are having money problems. For what it's worth, Farrah Abraham earned in the 'high six figures' for her tape ... nearly $1 million ... so Tori would probably get even more."

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP ON ANTI KIM – Vivid's release of Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX sparked coverage in the gossip media. Hilton Hater wrote in The Hollywood Gossip: "Myla Sinanaj is reportedly getting plastic surgery to resemble Kim Kardashian. But aside from looking like this reality star, the ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries is intent on acting like her, too. Or acting better than her, according to Myla. As an answer to the Kim Kardashian sex tape, Sinanaj has come out with The Anti-Kim XXX, an adult film that went on sale yesterday at"

THOR XXX PARODY NOW ONLINE -- Vivid will release Thor XXX: An Axel Braun Parody in stores nationwide on Nov. 12th. Axel Braun has created a sexy parody thriller about the hammer-wielding Norse god that he says is sure to leave XXX comic fans fully satisfied on every possible level. In the new adult spoof, award-winning actor Brendon Miller plays Thor, the role he originated in Braun's The Avengers XXX. "Brendon was simply outstanding" says Braun of Miller's performance. "His level of commitment and his understanding of the character were on par with what he did as The Joker in The Dark Knight XXX. And Tommy Pistol's Loki is just pure evil awesomeness!" With the mainstream release of Thor: The Dark World around the corner, pre-orders are being registered for the Thor XXX parody, making it another bona-fide Braun blockbuster

DISCLAIMER: "Thor XXX, an Axel Braun Parody" IS A PARODY MOVIE. This movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with any entity owning the rights to the characters parodied therein or the work being parodied.

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